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P r e s s

"Merlo is an artist of the soul, he owns the rare talent to make unforgettable the music he performs"

Cronaca Padana


"Merlo owns not only strong technical foundations, but also high interpretative skills which allows him to read the music in all its nuances."

La Provincia



"How wonderful was listening Chopin's music from the hands of this fantastic pianist."
Dagestanskaya Pravda



"A wonderful performance which undressed of any materiality, transpares an ascension to an infinite and extraordinary rich world."

Manlio Mirabile



"An extraordinary sensitive touch, we will hear about him."

Sergei Dorensky


"He is a highly musically gifted young pianist and what distinguishes him is a poetical inspiration in his taste and sensitivity, which is very rare in our time."

Ruvim Ostrovsky


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